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BJ Hoff’s writing is known for her historical settings, her unforgettable characters, and her lyrical prose. She is the bestselling author of numerous historical fiction series, including the Riverhaven Years, the Mountain Song Legacy, the Song of Erin saga, the American Anthem series,  An Emerald Ballad series, and her newest book Harp on the Willow.

Her five-volume Emerald Ballad series was the first major work of fiction to bring the Irish immigration experience to the CBA marketplace, and the work that first brought BJ an international reading audience.

Her readers know they can expect to meet some memorable people in her novels and also know that many of those people will be immigrants; Irish immigrants particularly but not exclusively.

BJ admits to a passion for building worlds. Whether her characters move about in small country towns or metropolitan areas, reside in Amish settlements, secluded mansions, or coal company houses, she creates communities where people can form relationships, raise families, pursue their faith, and experience the mountains and valleys of life.

She’s intent on making her historical novels relevant to the present by developing characters and settings that, while staying true to the history and culture of their times, reflect many of the spiritual trials and social problems faced by contemporary readers. Her novels are meant to be stories that build a bridge from the past to the present.

Her literary awards include the Christianity Today’s Critics Choice Book Award for fiction; a Gold Medallion Award finalist; and a number of Excellence in Media Silver Angel awards. Her books have been translated into many foreign languages, and she frequently hears from her international readers in countries such as Ireland, England, Norway, and Germany.

A former church music director and music teacher, BJ writes from her home in a small town in east central Ohio. She and her husband share a love of music, books, and time spent with their family: two daughters and three lively young grandsons.

Favorite Color


Fav. Time of Day

Dusk. I love the mystique.

Favorite Music

Celtic, Puccini, John Philip Sousa, & others!


Favorite Dessert

Fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate

Favorite Poet

W.B. Yeats

Favorite Hymn

Be Thou My Vision


Favorite Animal

Golden Retrievers, Calico Cats, & Irish Wolfhounds

Favorite Actor

Gregory Peck, Brian Dennehy, and Lassie

Favorite Movie

To Kill A Mockingbird




Must-see tv

Blue Bloods, The History Channel, & Animal Planet

WANT to meet

Jesus, then A.W. Tozer



Books, Bibles, Beanie Bears & Teddy Bears, Celtic Music, Clamshell iBooks (thanks to ebay I have every color but lime green!)



Books. Gadgets, especially electronic ones. My husband tries to block the entrance to the Apple store.

Pet Peeves

Politicians. People who aren't experts giving expert advice. Rap music. Hollywood stars who think we actually care about their political opinions.