Standalone Titles

The Penny Whistle, A Novella

The Penny Whistle

Maggie MacAuley: Her riot of fiery hair, an incredible measure of common sense, and a quick, eager smile would have melted the ice under Dunbar’s Mill in mid-January.

Summer Rankin: A mere wisp of a child, a tiny, fragile creature whose frailty appeared even more stark when reflected in the glow of her friend Maggie’s vibrancy.

Jonathan Stuart: The only schoolteacher who had ever stayed more than a few months. How or why he had ended up in a little mining town like Skingle Creek was anyone’s guess.

…more than a beautifully illustrated gift book… an unforgettable, timeless story from beloved author B.J. Hoff.
— Christian Retailing
This beautiful story is reminiscent of Catherine Marshall’s Christy. With heart-wrenching emotions and memorable descriptions, Hoff brings us into characters’ lives. Let’s hope this author writes many more books like this treasure.
— CBA Marketplace

Winds of Graystone Manor – The St. Clare Trilogy, Book 1

Winds of Graystone Manor

In the grand tradition of Jane EyreWuthering Heights, and RebeccaWinds of Graystone Manor joins the romance and nostalgia of rural life with the powerful, page-turning appeal of the Gothic. In Winds of Graystone Manor, readers meet:
Roman St. Clare- the Civil War photographer haunted by the slaying of his wife and unborn child. His relentless quest to find their murderer leads him to a remote area on Staten Island, where he must confront and be confronted by his own dark past.

Amanda (Andy) Fairchild- the petite, auburn-haired beauty who, as owner of Graystone Manor, a secluded resort hotel, is suspicious of the stranger who has arrived at a time of great mystery and intrigue on the Island.

Niles Rutherford- a brilliant young physician and Andy’s lifelong friend, who, as her self-proclaimed protector, guards her well and, in return, demands more than her loyalty.

Caught up in conflicting emotions and danger, these three find themselves ensnared in the age-old battle between Light and Darkness, fighting for their very lives – and their love.

This book, as with all B.J. Hoff’s novels is so well written it boggles the mind. Since this book is almost five years old, and written by an author who could whip one out once a month if need be, I sure would like to see the next two in print. PLEASE!
— Anxious Reader,

Note for Readers:

BJ changed publishers shortly after writing this book, and what was planned as a trilogy was never completed. Winds of Graystone Manor is actually out of print now, although it can still be found, as is the case with many of her older titles, on some of the internet bookstore sites.

BJ hasn’t totally given up on completing this three book series, especially since she still receives numerous letters from her readers asking her to do just that–so they can find out what happened to Roman and Andy!

Stay tuned for more information about the future of Winds of Graystone Manor. Exciting news may be just around the corner.