Harp on the Willow

The newest addition to BJ's list of unforgettable novels

Release Date is February 6th, 2018!


Peopled by a memorable parade of characters, including the light of heart and the burdened of spirit, Harp on the Willow is the chronicle of two diverse towns and their unforgettable residents. Most of all, though, it's the story of  a man of integrity striving to help others in a community he has grown to love. 

The young physician, Daniel Kavanagh, confronts such universal themes as the surprisingly common ground of suffering and faith ... the often superficial, yet seemingly insurmountable  differences that can divide entire communities and their people, including Christians ... and the wondrous power of the love of God that can overcome every difference, every obstacle, that would hinder the relationship between Himself and His creation.

As with all BJ's novels, this is also a special love story between a man and a woman who struggle to overcome the elements that would appear to divide rather than unite them.