The American Anthem series

American Anthem 3-in-1 volume

American Anthem

A re-release of all three books (PreludeCadence, and Jubilee) in one epic volume.

This sweeping saga of romance, faith, and survival is filled with unforgettable characters especially dear to BJ’s heart:

The blind musician, Michael Emmanuel, who hears music no one else can hear … the Irish-born Susanna Fallon, who journeys to America to confront the man she believes destroyed her sister’s life … the lonely Scot physician, Andrew Carmichael, whose devastating secret from his past threatens his relationship with the one woman who can heal his heart … the MacGovern family, Irish immigrants struggling to survive in the slums of nineteenth century New York City and the ragged street singer, old beyond her years, who appoints herself an unlikely guardian.

From the crowded tenements of nineteenth-century New York City to the opulent mansions of the Hudson River Valley, one sound remains constant: The anthem of hope.

BJ Hoff includes detailed historical texture with both subtlety and finesse. The characters face real-life challenges, and respond like real people, rather than too-good-to-be-true heroes, and I loved them for it. I couldn’t put the book down until I’d reached the last page, and then I felt bereft because the story was over.
— Butterfly Writer,
An eloquently told story that weaves history, music, faith and intrigue . . .an absolute pleasure.
— Christian Retailing
In her true story-telling fashion, B.J. Hoff brings us the … mesmerizing … American Anthem series. Revisit the characters first introduced in (Prelude, Cadence and Jubilee), and be swept away in the saga that unfolds, where love grows amidst heartbreak and misconception, and hope is restored despite grievous loss. The colourful setting of late 1800’s New York is punctuated with the music of the era, presenting trials and triumphs that will resonate with the reader. Old and new fans of B.J.’s historical fiction will love this story.
— Ellie Schroder, The Christian Fiction Site
The story gently unfolds with intriguing characters, and the sound of music, which Hoff manages to make fly off the pages with her glorious and passionate descriptions.
— Christian Library Journal